The birth of a Rock Star

‘Please allow me to introduce myself,  I’m a man of wealth and taste. ‘  Indeed wealth comes in many forms and you won’t be hearing any sympathy from this devil !  Living a lifetime in a job you love brings with it many stories, a wealth of lessons learned and some magical memories. As  Cesare Pavese once told us, ‘We don’t remember days , we remember moments. The Birth of a Rock Star!

So with that being said I will share with you some inspiring stories that helped shape those moments and help you see that those you may admire from a distance can be a little bit closer linked to what you do today, and especially to what you do tomorrow. Rock and Roll can be a beast, a burden or a baby born and through the years I have seen most of all of that! I love the perverse nature of an artist and the strange little idiosyncrasies that surround them. They can go from being a sinister drug fiend with bizarre behavioral patterns to a needy and insecure lamb needing to be fed. They are driven by an invincible force that won’t accept failure.

With genius comes a little madness, just ask John Lennon. It’s not about what they did it’s always about what they create. It’s about how they get there and what happened along the way. And who they are starts with who they were.

Rock Stars aren’t born, they’re made….


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