I Wanna Be a Hanoi Tour Guide! Discussed at the Entrepreneur Social Club [tm] Thursday June 14, 2018 hosted by founder Michael Scott Novilla, Hanoi Vietnam

I Wanna Be a Hanoi Tour Guide

The Entrepreneur Social Club [tm] discusses what I hear so many people say. I Wanna Be a Hanoi Tour Guide.

Tonight is another hot, sticky and humid Thursday night in Hanoi, Vietnam. IMichael Scott Novilla the founder of the “ESC”, try to avoid this humidity with all my might. Yet here I am, hosting my always fun and productive Entrepreneur Social Club [tm]. It’s June 14, 2018, to be precise, and as 7:00 pm (that’s 19:00) approaches I wonder who will join us tonight..? I promise it’ll be productive AND fun, as it ALWAYS is! Check out the photos and ESC BLOG from last week’s June 7 meeting! Again we gather at TOONG CoWorking, Tầng 3, 8 Tràng Thi, Hàng Trống, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội. I’ve been hosting this meeting almost every single Thursday night since 2009, and one thing is for sure, I never know exactly how it’ll go. Let’s see…

While I’m traveling through SEA, my amigo, Chris Jenkins, web master and CTO extraordinaire of Symphony Agency, handles ESC St. Pete meetings at ESC HQ. ESC Headquarters is located at my world-class special event and wedding venue NOVA 535. While hanging in Hanoi for the last almost 2 months, I’m using MeetUp, street style networking and the passing out of my business cards, making lots of new friends and connecting with like-minded Entrepreneurs.

Above is two of our three lovely “Lucys”, Lucy #1 and Lucy #3, welcome back ladies!! Below is newcomer William “Bill” Russ an accountant from my country, the United States of America. Bill sold his four “Edible Arrangements” stores, and is now enjoying the good life here in Hanoi. #SweetChaos. He is surrounded by Mia, our fav BioChem student, who tonight is wearing the red shirt. And newcomer Pham Ngoc Anh  in glasses. Welcome to the ESC!!

Above is the Mr. Cool table with my pals Sonny and Harrison. “Sonny” Dang (thumbs up) is working with the high quality TOMOProject.com, next to my fellow American Harrison, a marketing master, currently working out of Tokyo. We Entrepreneurs are always ready for a tasty meal, so here’s a quick Fast Forward to another delicious dinner at Mirai Sushi & Sake. Mirai is located at 2D, Hàng Trống, Hoàn Kiếm, right here on the same block as Toong.

Pictured below is our pal Harrison, peeking in from our left, just above Ho Quoc Trung who is seated wearing a yellow shirt. Then it’s Vietnam “Sexy Time” Luck Minh – yes, please ask her all about it. Next in the blue shirt is me Michael Scott Novilla, founder of world class wedding and event venue NOVA 535 – the St. Pete HQ for Entrepreneur Social Club [tm]. I’m soon to be the published author of the hilarious Event Planning Guidebook “It’s 5 am Go Home!!” Next to me is the lovely, up and coming event planner, Huyen Thanh Nguyen. Plus our fabulous Lucy #1 ( Thuy Le “Lucy Thanh) and Lucy #3 (Thuy Hang “Lucy” Nguyen – Airbnb hostess wearing the peach dress). Then is newcomer Hiroyuki “Kio” Tapada from Japan. Kio is a lawyer who is also working towards establishing a medical tourism program company here in Vietnam. And finally waving in (wearing a cute orange and white dots blouse) is another delightful lady from Japan, our returning friend Akimi Murasaki. She is an expert in building construction. Currently Akimi is seeking new opportunities, please give her a shout if you need expert guidance in the building construction world.

Pictured below, bottom left in the pretty black lacy shirt, is newcomer Hien Tran. Hein is a graduate of University of Economics and Technology. Across the table from Hein is her French friend Cedric Mirall, wearing the brownish polo shirt. Cedric is opening a fast food restaurant “Park Avenue”, a burgers and sandwich style restaurant here in Hanoi. He says he has 8 Original Recipes, will be using fresh produce, working with local farmers, and so on to differentiate himself. The group and I were a bit confused with exactly what his restaurant will offer, and where the “Park Avenue” name fits in at all, but we finally got to it being like Faster French Food. Faster French Gourmet burgers…?  A local competitor seems to be the Chops Vietnam. Cedrick says he has (still does?) owned restaurant(s) in France, but our language barrier was a bit troublesome tonight. Of course French people know food REALLY WELL, so Bon Appetit!! He says he is opening July 1, 2018 – BEST OF LUCK Cedric! Bon Chance!! We will be delighted to come by and experience!!

Below, left to our right, is Sonny, Harrison, Hien Tran, Cedric Mirall, Huyen Thanh Nguyen and our returning pal Khien Phan.

Picture above, bottom right, are two new ladies, Nhung Vivian Quach (grey shirt with orange armband) who working for a large Tourism Company ??didn’t get the name?? and Lan Long. Lan Long (colored dots shirt) is an English teacher for the last 4 years in Australia, and is now pitching her startup coaching biz. Since she’s becoming a Life Coach we mention for her to connect with our our favorite Business Coach, Trainer and Writer Jen Vu Huong.

So tonight we land on the topic, again, of tourism. Of being a Hanoi Tour Guide. Unfortunately, our fellow ESC member and tour guide extraordinaire Brian McDonald. the founder of the wildly popular A Taste of Hanoi, isn’t with us tonight. Busy touring! His Hanoi food based tour has been operating successfully since 2015. And I just enjoyed his 5-star service recently. See, Brian helped me book a luxury van with driver for a day trip from Hanoi to Ba Vi. Thanks Brian!  As it seems that EVERYONE wants to be a Hanoi Tour Guide, our official story title tonight is “I Wanna Be a Hanoi Tour Guide.” See how smarts I am with all the proper Key Words and SEO stuffery!! =D

Above and far left is our lovely newcomer Ling, wearing the peach and black shirt. She was seated next to me today at Toong and was a perfect new addition to our Entrepreneur Social Club. Welcome!! Linh Thị Thùy Nguyễn is wading into the Tourism Industry here in Vietnam, currently unsure of her unique proposition. She WAS thinking of starting with Google Ads, which we quickly dismiss. That’s starting at the wrong end of the business “stick”. Harrison asks, probing her, “What is your budget? Because your gonna need A LOT of $$$ to get attention. Then what exactly are you going to be doing (uniquely) to help people with?” His wisdom matches the ESC’s response to her. What is the unique problem that you are solving? Will people pay you for this? Who cares? Are you offering the ‘Best of Hanoi’? Whatever it is, it MUST BE UNIQUE, a niche. Sonny strongly agrees that you must have a specific understanding of your unique customer. Bill suggests Tour of the Modernizing of Vietnam. Transport Tours. Old War Sites Tours. I STRONGLY suggest she researchs what is NOT being offered today by the big tour companies. Niche adventure tours? My friend is a High Altitude Mountain Guide and Yogi. Talk about a niche. Wanting to be a Hanoi Tour Guide and becoming a SUCCESSFUL Hanoi Tour Guide, like Brian McDonald is, are two vastly different things. Linh please speak to Brian McDonald who offers craft beer tours, food tours, and more.  Let him be YOUR (business) tour guide!

I Wanna Be a Hanoi Tour Guide! Discussed at the Entrepreneur Social Club [tm] Thursday June 14, 2018 hosted by founder Michael Scott Novilla, Hanoi Vietnam

Above is our pal Luiz Storino Jr. (red hat) from Brazil, who is working with a Canadian Company Ceresco that’s developing specialized ingredients for animal feed.  He abandoned us for dinner, as the World Cup was just too important. I hope Brazil won for his sake. In the middle in blue is the lovely Ms. Thu Vu who works as a Confidential Researcher for the Financial Times (Media Company) based out of London. I have been “working” on her for 6 weeks now, as she is always at TOONG working away, in her cute little glass office. FINALLY she joined us, so a warm welcome to you Thu!! WOM + Persistance = New Clients!! Next is our Ukrainian pal Rocky, explaining his POV to the group. He is co-owner of Viet  Aroma, which offers delicious healthy snacks, dried fruits, local coffees and more. Go visit and support our LOCAL Entrepreneurs like Viet Aroma, I did! Rocky says he was a tour guide in his previous lifetime…. oh and #WHAM !!

SHARE A SUCCESS or FAILURE with the Group.

Sonny – first he went to UNI, which was in Holland. He was taking Biz Admin, but wasn’t into it after one year, so decided to quit. From his POV, he thought himself a failure. He went home to VN, and initially thought of this as a failure, but ultimately he realized this was the best decision. Here in VN he made the closest friends, and we appreciate his sharing of one of his life’s “failures’.

“Bill” offers that Sonny’s story applies to personal relationship as well.

I Wanna Be a Hanoi Tour Guide! Discussed at the Entrepreneur Social Club [tm] Thursday June 14, 2018 hosted by founder Michael Scott Novilla, Hanoi Vietnam

Pictured above, standing on the far right in the bright yellow shirt, is Sebastian Goh, just back from Singapore. He offers Student Recruitment services to study in Singapore. Welcome back Sebastian! Don’t’ you wanna also be a Hanoi Tour Guide??

How did you (newcomers) hear about the Entrepreneur Social Club?

InterNations = 2

WOM = 5

FB = 1

Meetup = 1

The lesson being that Word of Mouth still the MOST POWERFUL way to influence people.

I Wanna Be a Hanoi Tour Guide! Discussed at the Entrepreneur Social Club [tm] Thursday June 14, 2018 hosted by founder Michael Scott Novilla, Hanoi Vietnam

Rules of the Entrepreneur Social Club.  
NO religion, NO politics, NO bullies, NO thieves, NO liars, NO Racists.
The ESC is open to all adults 18+ who want to learn, grow, laugh, share, connect, network. Improving themselves and the world around them. BE HONEST! The “minor” rules are turn your phone ringers OFF, and only one person talking at a time.

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I Wanna Be a Hanoi Tour Guide! Discussed at the Entrepreneur Social Club [tm] Thursday June 14, 2018 hosted by founder Michael Scott Novilla, Hanoi Vietnam

Wrapping up the night by midnight, lame my my standards but still FUN, at my fav little craft cider (and beer) spot, Peachy Craft Beer Pub. Peachy is located at 87 Hàng Đào, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, just off the Hoan Kiem Lake!  See I’m Mr. It’s 5 am Go HOME! but as you may know, there are NO PHOTOS allowed after after 10 pm….guess you’ll just have to join me for my infamous #AfterParty !!

BELOW is ALL OF MY PHOTOS from THURSDAY JUNE 14, 2018, enjoy and please tag and share!!

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