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My Story

Kim’s passion for holistic medicine and the healing arts started early in her life. While pursuing her BA in psychology and her Masters in Social Work, she immersed herself in the exploration of the integration of Eastern and Western approaches to healing. Kim deepened this knowledge and approach throughout the past 20 years during her career in the mental health field, most of which she has spent in private practice as a psychotherapist with a commitment to providing collaborative and integrative healthcare.

This passion for integrative medicine ultimately led Kim to return to school to pursue her second Masters degree at Five Branches University in Santa Cruz, California in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Since graduating from Five Branches University in 2015, Kim has maintained a counseling practice as well as an acupuncture practice. These two fields both remain passions of hers as she believes it is critical to treat the whole person in mind, body, and heart. This unique combination of skills and licensure, provide Kim with in insight in both of these fields which is unique and complimentary in the most fundamental ways.

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