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Jodi McLean

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I'm a published author of my first book "INTRAPRENEUR".
Take Control of Your Career by Treating It Like a Business

Are you an overworked and underpaid employee? Do you fear for your job every single day, no matter the hours that you put in and the devotion that you show to your company? This is the corporate culture that we work in. You aren't alone. But, you are in control, whether you realize it or not.

In this book, you will learn how to move up the corporate ladder instead of out the revolving door.
Not everybody wants to be an entrepreneur. I don't. I'm a tremendous employee and I like to be part of a team. Yet I'm not a typical employee...and if you're reading this, I bet you aren't either. Something drew you to this book; the message attracts a specific reader. The kind of person who isn't scared of hard work and long hours if it means you become part of something bigger. And I don't mean just the paycheck. Although that will come along with it.

In this era of high corporate turnover, innovative and invaluable employees are never at risk. This is your step-by-step guide to become the star employee--the INTRApreneur. During the age of the entrepreneur, there will always be a need for standout employees. Intrapreneurs who own their value and think like an entrepreneur will become the elite.

The process isn't magic. It isn't complicated but it certainly isn't easy...but it will be worth it. Those who stay the course and follow the process will rise from a sea of mediocrity in the workplace. If you are a true intrepreneur, the kind of employee who can adopt an entrepreneur mindset in a corporate setting, you will grow from corporate obscurity to become your boss's best hire. You will become irreplaceable to the company, and you will become a coveted recruit by other companies who want to lure you away with fantastic new opportunities.

Intrapreneurs control their own destiny with grit, devotion and passion. If this sounds like you, welcome to intrapreneurship. This book will set you on your path to being a coveted, autonomous, high-valued and highly-paid intrapreneur.

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