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Denise has extensive training and is a Florida certified paramedical Aesthetician. She is proficient in micro needling, microdermabrasion, ultrasound and high-frequency therapies, radio frequency skin tightening treatments. Denise has a great understanding of the skin and proper protocols to treat skincare concerns and conditions.

Most recently, Denise received her Holistic Skincare Certification from Institute DERMED College of Advanced Aesthetics from Dr. Erin Madigan-Fleck. She is incorporating a naturopathic approach with her medical training and experience. A naturopathic and holistic approach looks at the skin as a barometer that shows our overall health.

The skincare industry is adapting to address over inflammation and the causes of constant inflammation to the skin. Constant inflammation whether from excessive harsh treatments, over- exfoliation or chemically toxic ingredients in products, results in compromised skin and accelerated aging. Realizing this, Denise has chosen to work with skincare companies who are dedicated to using natural and organic ingredients. Choosing clinically tested products of the highest quality with proven results. These companies are also environmentally conscious with their packaging and selection of ingredients. Clinical trials and studies have been done for proven results.
Denise is a dedicated skin care professional who constantly strives to stay in the forefront of her industry. She is passionate about life and maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Proclaimed foodie, friend, adventuresome, strong and compassionate are all words used by friends and clients when describing Denise. She prides herself in connecting with clients to address their specific skincare needs. Denise embraces each client’s unique facial condition to design treatments that provide truly healthy skin. While doing so, she guides and encourages clients seeking to incorporate balance and healthy habits into their demanding lives.

Her goal is to provide—Simply Beautiful Skin. The Beauty Bungalow is her pride and she aims to make every visit an enjoyable experience where clients let go and relax while receiving exceptional skin care treatments.

Beauty Bungalow

Beauty Bungalow is an intimate and inviting skin care speciality spa. Our goal is to offer results driven services customized to each clients concerns.
The Beauty Bungalow is the dream of Denise Oglesby; she is the owner and lead Esthetician. Denise has more than 12 years of experience in the Aesthetic and spa industry. Her love for the industry took fire when beginning at Bliss Spa in NYC. She also worked with one of Tampa Bay’s top plastic surgeons for over 6 years. While working in Dr. William Adams office, she received extensive experience in performing all levels of chemical peels, post laser care, post care after surgery, skin care regiment for pre-surgery, and laser treatments.


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