Clients Are People, Just Like You and I

NOVA 535 is the official headquarters of Entrepreneur Social Club (TM). However, the stunning event venue in Downtown St. Pete, Florida was hosting a fundraiser for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation on Thursday, May 18, 2017. The Queens Head (where happy hour is until 7pm!) so graciously hosted our offsite meeting. Since the founder of ESC, Michael Novilla, was delighting his guests at NOVA, this particular meeting was led by myself, Erika Cain. I am a circus artist, speaker, writer and marketer (Michael calls me the little octopus, as those are just a few of the hats I wear!). It was the first meeting I led, but with such a great group of go-getters, I wouldn’t be upset if I had to do it again! Last week, we were reminded that clients are people, just like you and I.

2017 05-18 ESC at Queenshead in DTSP-1
Dr. Thomas G. Quinlan, Julia Marie, Tony LaPorta, Kathi Harris, and newcomer E.

Usually offsite meetings draw in only a handful of our members, but to everyone’s surprise, about thirty entrepreneurs attended! We welcomed a few newcomers. E (that’s right, just the letter. How mysterious!) works with a multi-service design agency in Brooklyn (Layerframe) and offered great creative tips on some material being passed around to attendees. 

Dr. Thomas G. Quinlan of Rezults Weight Loss Clinic (welcome back!) asked ESC to review his brochure. The group agreed that the logo beautifully embodies the mind, body and spirit, which goes hand in hand with his holistic practices. However, it was a bit text-heavy. People like negative space and they don’t know it until they see it – so let them see it! It’s similar to the idea of not knowing what you’re missing until you have it. Don’t forget to add your website to any printed material. It’s 2017 and whether you like it or not, this world is tech-driven.

Kathi Harris, owner of Hat-a-Tude, popped in after a busy Derby Season. She happily shared an observation with ESC. Although her sales this year did not increase (many clients are cutting corners and going to Amazon instead), she experienced high customer satisfaction. In order to have the class of her luxury hats, you have to spend the cash and her customers are absolutely pleased with her products! Congrats, Kathi!

Mika Rotunda and Dr. Thomas G. Quinlan meet after chatting over the phone about St. Pete Healthy Lifestyles.

Mika Rotunda, host of St. Pete Healthy Lifestyles on Thursday, June 1 at NOVA 535, was there to spread her passion for creating a community of health-conscious people and businesses. Mika is a young entrepreneur who brings light to everyone’s day and I’m proud to call her a friend. Not only is her personal health journey inspirational, her family of WWE superstars is so interesting! Meet her and experience her authenticity at the interactive health expo next week at NOVA!

Eileen Brock and Erika Cain

Eileen Brock, from Paradise News, returned to ESC and was celebrating that she landed Tradewinds Resort for the cover of the newsletter. How? Because she believed in herself and was confident with what she was “selling.” She has heard her advertisers say, “I hate salespeople” or, “I don’t have time for you,” until they experience her confidence and how personable she is! Clients (in any industry) are real people and they need to be treated as real people. Bravo Eileen!

Bob Linde joined us for a brief moment and had great news to share with us. His business Acuherbals, is moving locations to The Grand Central District. Actually right across the street from Queens Head, so he and Tracy Asalita (owner of QH), will be neighbors. Lucky them!

Max Glazer (pictured above right) of The Shave Cave reminded us of the importance of proper content in order to have a dynamic relationship with SEO. Maybe you’re “not popping up first” on Google because you’re not asking yourself what your audience is actually searching for. If you don’t believe in what you’re selling, the Google bots can detect that and rate you lower. Post interesting content that has to do with your business.

Corin Harmon and Greg Simmons

Logan Tuck of Dynamic Employer Solutions, also shared recent customer success. He pinpoints what potential clients are POed at with their current workers’ comp/payroll company and then provides them a solution. For example, many payroll companies (and people in general, ugh) lack effective communication skills. From the beginning of any relationship, Logan strives for great communication and has learned that customer service is more important to customers than finding the lowest price.

Support Entrepreneur Social Club by purchasing Suggested Books through our website. Here are the books we learned about during the meeting:

The ONE Thing – By: Gary Keller

The War of Art – By: Steven Pressfield

Turning Pro – By: Steven Pressfield

The Power of Habit – By: Charles Duhigg

Rework – By: Jason Fried

Lean In – By: Sheryl Sandberg

The World is Flat – By: Thomas L. Friedman

Thank You For Being Late – By: Thomas L. Friedman

Entrepreneur Social Club (TM) meets every Thursday in Downtown St. Pete, almost always at NOVA 535. ESC is not just a networking event, ESC is where mentors are found, ideas blossom into successes, and life-long friends are made. See you at this week’s ESC meeting!

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